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About Laser Cutting Cape Town is a brand new exciting company based in the Deep South of Cape Town, it's our dream to create an inspirational creative space and eventually have the ability to create anything we imagine. was founded in September 2018 by Sebastian Selzer who has had a passion for CNC for over twenty years. His first job was with an engineering company called Chantec Manufacturing where he was put to work in the machine shop working with lathes and mills creating stainless steel parts for conveyor lines in big companies such as Coca Cola and SAB. This sparked a creative fire which is now responsible for the creation of and seems to be unlimited in potential. uses a 100w C02 laser cutting and engraving CNC machine with a bed size of 900mm by 600mm. We use a compressor with spray gun for professional spray painting if required and had a routing table custom built for cutting slots for lids on boxes. We will add new services as we grow and will always strive to offer the best service possible.

Since opening, the business has really taken off with a multitude of projects so varied in nature it's been impossible to get bored. From underwater camera housings laser cut from perspex to wooden laser engraved key rings. We've done signage and stencils. Corporate gifts and clocks. Toys for charity. Packaging for products and gifts. Even jewelry for Jeremy Loop's international tour. A recent challenge was an order from Yuppie Chef for Mother's day lettering. It had to be three dimensional and painted on the front side. We managed to design and produce the letters without issue and they looked absolutely stunning! It's been great to meet and work with other designers too and create as a team. We worked with 'The Design Company' to create a laser cut Christmas card which consisted of a laser engraved pencil and a sheet of pine MDF with pop out pieces that could be assembled into a three dimensional pencil holder. Working in synergy we were able to produce a perfect and beautiful product.

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